Review: Kanjante – ‘Klessidra’

Album (2016) | Djent, Metalcore, Progressive, Thall - Italy

Kanjante Klessindra album art

  • Klessidra by
  • Kanjante
  • Release Date: December 9, 2016
  • Origin: Italy
  • Style: Djent, Metalcore, Progressive, Thall

Italian quality

Thally goodness, chuggy riffs, awesome chops, melodic lines and I must say that Kanjante deliver emotion. Metalcore is evolving slowly with the help of the progressive vision of music, the main riffs go tuned down with ambient layers in the back, that start to feel tasty. It is obvious that Klessidra is not some random built album, it feels like there is some history in the background, it sounds fantastic and deep.

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Klessidra sounds lit and exciting

Ya’all love heavy grooves, right, no surprise, me too and that record made me headbang, I’d not say it is something utterly unique, there is a lot of Erra, Tesseract, Periphery, but as every trend, the pioneers dictate the beginning. What I find exciting in djent is the approach to the sound, but the most important thing is that these small brand new bands have first attempts with the quality you can hear here… well thought structures and dynamics, and that is their introduction into the scene, bands like Kanjante show that this new musical era has a lot of future, you see, this record has a sense of completeness, it sounds homogeneous, the riffs flow and the breakdowns further tell you “there you go, this is how I feel”. The riffs are quite Thall to be exact, powerful performance.

You will be beheld how deep the art is here, Klessidra has a lot to say, the choruses are catchy, those gorgeous cleans are emotional and go well with the growls, which are also awesomely used. What we have acknowledge is that the song structures showcase a good sense to creating quality music. The sound may have some let-downs, but that doesn’t spoil the great experience the record has to offer.

Here’s Gnomosis (part I):

Sound and Production:

Well, Klessidra sounds good, not perfect, smells like underground, which has it’s own charisma, the instrumental as a whole is a little bit over-compressed, the vocals sound like they are a little bit in the back, I wish they were pushed a little bit, the kick drum could be a little bit more sharp. But the sound is decent, the clean guitars sound crisp (and a little bit too loud at moments) and I can say, that this feature really help us appreciate the band, the ambiance they create is just amazing. Kanjante have produced awesome distorted guitars, the chops are fyeah and the minor 2nds have a crazy effect on you. Some industrial elements are also welcome, good feature.

Overall, for me that album is awesome, Kanjante are coming to the scene and Klessidra is a signal to all, a new Thall band in town, guys.

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Review: Kanjante – ‘Klessidra’
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