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Featured | Djent, Avant-Garde, Indie, Jazz-fusion - United Kingdom

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  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Style: Djent, Avant-Garde, Indie, Jazz-fusion
  • Founded: 2014

Crazy djent core… chaotic and lovely

If you are following this website, I know you are into crazy shit, and good for you. Djenty madness is getting everywhere and Zilf can literally blow your mind, creative af and diverse, the art those guys (Joe Campbell-Murray and Bret Ware) is outstandingly chaotic and interesting. I heard they are into a new album with much better sound, but dive into what they have produced until now and don’t break anything, ok?



PrEPare YourZILF (2016)

Hollow (2015 single)

Some playthroughs:



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Band: Zilf
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Stefan Andonov

Guitarist, tech geek, Stefan Andonov is the founder of DjentMag, writes articles and stuff, he is also in a metalcore band - My Own Destiny. Lives in Varna, Bulgaria.

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