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Featured | Мetalcore, Groove Metal, Thrash Metal - Bulgaria

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  • Origin: Bulgaria
  • Style: Мetalcore, Groove Metal, Thrash Metal
  • Founded: 1998

The Bulgarian metal flagman

Odd Crew is the crown jewel in the Bulgarian metal scene, founded in 1998 by some kids, the band has risen to become the most successful and the classiest artist in Bulgaria so far. Killer riffs and awesome groove, they have successfully toured Europe and made it groove hard. Their style is mainly groove metalcore, but they also have some progressive elements, pure power.

Brutal melodic act not to be left unnoticed. Their latest album Mark These Words was produced by Daniel Bergstrand (recorded in Dugout Studios – Upsala, Sweden) and mixed by Jason Suecof.

For tours and more info, check their Website .

Check their Wikipedia page.


Shapes In Grey

Mark These Words

Death Trap

Two Steps To Hell



Mark These Words (2015)

Beyond The Shell (2012)

A Bottle Of Friends (2010)

We Are What We Are (2008)

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Band: Odd Crew
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