Band: Erth

Featured | Jazz Fusion, Funk, Progressive, Avant-Garde - Costa Rica

Erth Band


  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Style: Jazz Fusion, Funk,  Progressive, Avant-Garde
  • Founded: 2011

Time and space shift directly from Latin America

My desire for progressive and djent led me to listening to absolutely crazy, but high quality music music like jazz and avant-garde and now Erth has literally left me speechless. The guys are from Costa Rica and they produce out of this world music, that is utterly interesting and thrilling to listen to, the production scores are astonishing and they have actually released a couple of albums, it is time for the world to know about them. They tend to keep to the sound you’d identify as early Pink Floyd, but even more insane, finding such a band is a dream come true. Progressive and jazz lovers, you know what to do, play that stuff here bellow… now!



b (2015)


Ouroboros (2011)


Erth@JazzCafe (2011 – live performance)


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Band: Erth
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