Band: Cleft

Featured | Post-Rock, Progressive, Math Rock - United Kingdom


  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Style: Post-Rock, Progressive, Math Rock
  • Founded: 2011

Crazy stuff, new favorite

Cleft … I just found them actually and I am literally stunned by what they are producing as music, that thing here is mind blowing. They have quite the discography so far and as influence they have stated “Everything we’ve ever put in our ears”. I have a hard time recalling the last time I had that “that is some crazy shit going on here” feeling, so I’d recommend you go through their discography here down. Sick prog/post-rock/jazz fusion that will turn you upside down. Brilliant lads, two lads to be exact… all that is done by 2 people, yes.

Some live performances:

Sampling and live playing live, groove, hang on tight…


Wrong (2016)

Onan’s Boulder/Me, Sugar (2014)

BOSH! (2014)

Exit…Stage Cleft (2014)

Whale Bone (2012)

Utter (2012)

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Band: Cleft
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